Deportation or Transportation for Anti-Western Criminals


By Hanover, Germany correspondent Dirk Heede reporting from The People’s Republic of Hamburg

In a peripheral news conference at the G20 unattended by Antifa or their media representatives, Britain’s Prime Minister “Maggie” May has announced reviving a set of existing laws to deal with the problem of the UK’s over-crowded prisons and rising rates of violent crime.

Criminals found guilty of violent crimes against British values or the incitement of violent crimes are to be deported if they hold a foreign nationality or transported to out of the British Isles if they are unwanted by any other country. “Awakening these laws provides the opportunity to build a nation where British values are appreciated, encouraged and rewarded”, said the Prime Minister.

May continued: “This is not, as it was in the 18th and 19th Centuries; a means of providing a free labour force to build colonies. This is a way of removing those who despise British values from the tangible benefits of those same values.”

Prime Minister May indicated that her government was investigating several options for prison settlements on British territories away from the British Isles. One option was the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

The laws provide for the transportation of inmates already in prison serving sentences. Establishing the mechanisms for the transportation and establishing subsistence colonies in outer territories would be orders of magnitude less than Brexit.