South Australia’s New Vehicle Number Plates

By Melbourne, Australia correspondent Angelina Dawn Summers-Winter

Application of the latest technology in vehicle number plates is to see first light in South Australia starting from the 14th of November, 2017.

Unlike previous embossed number plates, these ones will be made from a composite laminate incorporating a luminous layer, removing the need to have the number plate illuminated at night. The technology for laminating the luminous layer is proprietary and number plates using the TritiumFilm™ technology will initially be manufactured in Japan by a small startup company operating in the Fukushima Prefecture, extracting the vital Tritium from sea water using the now-obsolete ALPS plant at the disused reactor site.

Another enhancement is to employ the German DIN-1451, falsification-resistant font for the vehicle registration number, making it nearly impossible to alter the plate to try to frustrate South Australia’s number plate recognition systems to be installed in increasing numbers, starting before the Christmas break. Point-to-point speed cameras are playing an increased role in the State’s budget; but drivers must simply obey the rules if they wish to avoid the higher fines for next year; to be detailed next month..


Premier Jay Weatherill has backed the change enthusiastically, offering existing number plate holders the option to upgrade at a discounted price of just $645 (plus GST). The Premier welcomed the innovations, noting that the luminous capability would allow vehicles to run without number plate lights which for the whole State would avoid the need to generate up to 400 kilowatts in electrical power; allowing the State to become completely renewable a few years sooner.


One thought on “South Australia’s New Vehicle Number Plates

  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    Such is the state of gullibility in SA political circles that I think most parties would endorse the idea but haggle about the price to be paid by the motorist. Weatherdill wouldn’t give people the choice, he would make it compulsory.


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