600,000 Migrants “Disappear” in Germany

By Berlin, Germany correspondent D. Wolfgang Spitz-Bubel

German and other European press are starting to report that nearly half the recent migrants registered into Germany have disappeared without a trace. Earlier reports didn’t reveal the extent of the problem. While it’s possible that a few thousand of the more than a million recent migrants could go missing simply due to bureaucratic accidents, the scale of the disappearances suggests that a system has been created to move the migrants on.
Wolfsburg, VW Autowerk, Kraftwerk

Mere mention of the issue on social media such as Facebook and Twitter result in the comments and postings disappearing, suggesting a cover-up; perhaps of greater scale than the assaults and robberies in Cologne at New Years Eve.

Berlin insiders report rumours of industrial-scale, migrant processing centres, which might look like the facility pictured above. However, construction, project and PR managers of plausible sites are declining to comment, advising that immigration is a matter of the Federal government and that the Minister responsible should be contacted.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière’s office directed our queries to BAMF  (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees) which in turn referred researchers to the Minister responsible for the Energiewende; Sigmar Gabriel. Gabriel’s office however, also refused to comment on how an invitation from Chancelloress Merkel producing the influx of potentially millions of migrants had anything to do with carbon-neutral energy.