Heroic Faroese Repel Invasion

By Tórshavn, Faroe Islands correspondent Arne Hjelingsson

Hundreds of brave Faroese men grabbed whatever sharp implements they could find as they rushed to the shore to repel an invasion of foreigners.

Invasion Repelled

Photo: Daily Wail

The invasion force was first spotted by fishermen offshore who raised the alarm as the invaders approached the shoreline. It is understood that 250 invaders were killed by brave Faroese citizens armed only with ropes and sharp knives, wading out to repel the enemy; with only a few small fishing boats standing by to rescue any Faroese who may not be able to continue the battle.

The Faroese are a tough people so waste-not, want-not; they proceeded to carve up the corpses of the invaders to sustain the locals over the rapidly approaching, long and cold winter.

Such spoils of war are shared equitable throughout the islands. Though they may not go far, every life saved over the winter is important to the islanders. They cherish human life above everything else as the future cannot be built or enjoyed without continuing the lives of the living.

Editor’s Note: Apologies to our new correspondent whose by-line was missed in the earlier edition.